Sunday, January 25, 2009


One of the many things I am now taking care of since Paul is deployed...the finances. To say I hate it would be an understatement! I always jokingly tell Paul that my life's ambition is to be a "kept woman". You know, give me a nice house, a generous shopping stipend every few days, shower me with lavish gifts and jewelery and I'd return the favor in ways he would appreciate; i.e. a nice roast beef dinner, clean laundry, keeping the fridge stocked with goodies, etc. (Keep your mind out of the gutter!)

I know, many of you reading this are cringing. Many of you won't let your husbands handle the checkbook, let alone see the visa bill. I am the complete opposite, I want nothing to do with balancing the checkbook and bill paying. Well, now in addition to the regular money stuff, he left during tax season. AAAAHHHH!

Luckily, taxes are easy to prepare with online software like Turbo Tax. Just fill in the blanks and follow the directions and prompts. Easy enough for the federal return, the state return is a bit trickier. We are legal residents of New York, Paul does not have to file a state return in North Carolina. I however, have to file in North Carolina since I've been working, (not the kept woman I'd like to be...yet.) I think I can claim half of our children, maybe one of the dogs, and I'm trying to figure out if some of the kids that hang out in our house can be added as deductions? Who knows...this is where I'm stuck until I can speak with the tax Iraq.

Now, for those willing to get the job done, there are a number of resources available to the military. There is a tax office on Cherry Point where taxes are prepared for FREE! Just bring in your W2s and such. Another great resource is through Military One Source. You can prepare your taxes and file for free through their website (check out the side bar), if you're registered...and you should be if your marine is deployed.

Wish me luck and hope the feds don't take notice!!!

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