Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday...

Mondays have become the hairiest of days! I am thankful only one day of the week is this way. It all starts at 6:00 a.m. with my oldest son, Paul, waking and eating breakfast followed by the other three kids. Paul is on the school bus at 7:00. The rest of us are fed and dressed and ready to go by 7:30.

Monday just happens to be my driving day for the carpool. We drive around the block and pick up 4 other kids and off to The Epiphany School we go. Once the 4 middle-schoolers are out of the car we peel off to preschool where 2 more are dropped off at 8:00...since they are young, this involves parking, taking everyone inside, with the occasional potty break before they enter the classroom.

Now, all I'm left with is Charlotte, so off to the YMCA we go! (I work out in order to gain back some sanity), then we are headed back to preschool to pick-up at 12:00.

Lunches and naps are then dished out. While the little ones are napping, I am typing while eating my Smart Ones microwavable meal. At 2:40 we are headed out again to pick-up the middle school kids and drop them off at their respectable homes. Homework is worked on briefly, then off to ballet for Abbie's 5:00 class, I will then return for a quickie "looser night" dinner with the other 3 kids, (more on looser night later). I then pick Abbie up at 7:00, drop her home to babysit, while I take Paul to basketball at 7:30, which by the way, I think is ridiculously late for a practice on a school night! When I finally return home at 8:45 the car and I let out a long sigh of relief that Monday is done.

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