Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Week Down...

It's been one week already and all is well. I've been trying to figure out a way to help countdown time until Paul's return. Someone suggested counting paydays...although a pretty good method, it lacked excitement. Someone else suggested "wake-ups", (how many more days do I have to wake-up until he returns). This just seemed tedious.

So, I've decided to countdown Paul's return by indulging in a monthly spa treatment. This month I'm scheduling a full-body massage, next month it might be a facial, or another full-body massage, etc.

By the way...23 paydays, 51 weeks, 358 wake-ups...but ONLY 12 spa treatments left!


Anonymous said...

Your husband was a Schuyler product so you surely most of heard of MFD's as the count down on the cruise. This was posted about the ship and of course for those non-Maritime people that asked they were told that it meant "Mighty Fine Days" left. It won't take much imagination to figure out hat the cadet's version of it was.

Julie Weaver said...

That's great!...I do remember and it wasn't "Mighty Fine Days".Hehehe.