Friday, January 30, 2009

A Day in the Life...

Really, what a day this has been...non-stop, only not to Hawaii. It started, well actually it feels like a continuation from yesterday! Belle, our 12 yr old Sheltie needed to use the facilities twice during the night, so that involved shoes, jacket and a trip outside at 2:30 and 4:30 this morning! She's completely deaf and is easily distracted so calling her back from the 10th fairway is useless. I think I probably freaked out a couple of raccoons and possibly an opossum.

Then when we were finally "awake", I thought it was my Friday to drive the carpool, we take turns. After I got everyone dressed and out the door, (OTD), I came upon my friend, Jackie, who was actually supposed to drive today, so I switched kids and drove around the block to home. I downed another cup of coffee, (#3), threw on some workout clothes and headed to the gym to get that part of my day out of the way and done. HA!

I ran into my good friend, Tanya, and decided to Crossfit with her, Jackie joined us too. My hands are now raw from the ridiculous number of assisted pull-ups I did. No one really needs skin to cover the hands anyway! After the 20 minute Crossfit workout, I stayed for the dancey aerobics, it was only 9:00, why not? (I had forgot that I was to return to the YMCA for a Spinning demo at 3:00!)

When I was finished at the gym, I ran a few errands and headed find that Belle still had a few "intestinal issues", to say the least. This now meant that I had to clean, disinfect and shampoo the carpet, yeah!

After the carpet incident, back to the YMCA I went for the stinkin' Spinning demo. Now, when I think demo, I think, sample or preview...NO! It was a full-blown Spinning class, of which I wound up teaching the last half. I guess he meant that I was to give a demo.

Well, finally I was able to shower, at 4:30, then raced to get Abbie from softball practice by 5:00, then it was time for a promised dinner of pizza for 2 well received report cards.

Now, the little ones are asleep and I'm in my PJs, hoping there's still an 800mg Motrin somewhere!

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