Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OK...It's Done

After 11 months of knowing I had to say goodbye to my husband for an entire year, it's done. The last few days have been hell, watching and helping him pack, running errands to stores like "Extreme Outfitters", changing smoke alarm batteries and hard to reach light bulbs, have all but killed me...he's on his way to Iraq and God knows where else.

Finally, we can begin our countdown to his 365...CHECK.


Frank said...

Thank God for what your husband is doing and for what you and the children and dogs are doing.Only because of what you are all doing are my wife and I able to live peacefully during our retirement years.Thank You.
Frank & Maureen

Charlie said...

Thanks to you and your husband for all you do. I have created a link to this blog from my Friends List on That link appears on more than 10,000 pages of my website.

Julie Weaver said...

Thanks Frank and Charlie!