Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Sports...

OK, so the spring sports season is upon us. We had a 2 or 3 week break between basketball and baseball season. At least with baseball I kind of know the rules. It gets a little fuzzy when it's clearly a foul and they call it a strike and later call the same thing a foul...PICK ONE! We are also in the throws of softball with Abbie.

I've had to cancel DirecTV's MLB Extra Innings for the Yankees, since Paul won't be here to enjoy watching the Yanks play at the new, I can't tell you how sad I am. Don't get me wrong, I love going to a baseball game, but watching it on TV is the most boring thing in the world to me. I want the whole experience, the $10 hot dog, the $14 beerSSSSS and all of the snackys to go with it, nothin' beats a Yankee Stadium Knish (pronounced Kanish), on a hot July day! I love to do the wave and cheer for #2! Oh well, we'll be there to watch together in 2010...I hope.

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