Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dinner at the Club...

Tonight I decided that I was not going to cook, and since we needed to use up our minimum, I took the family to the club for dinner. Since it was Sunday, only the lunch menu was available, but none the less, it was a nice break!

My youngest, Charlotte, has discovered ranch dressing. She had an order of chicken fingers and fries, we all had light fare, but it all included ranch dressing with pickels, etc., on the side...pretty typical. However, instead of chicken fingers, Charlotte ate just the pickels and ranch dressing for dinner...YUCK! After she used all of our ranch, we needed to get some extra! At one point, she gave up on the pickels and just started to drink it from the little cup it came in. If I tried to take it away, a temper tantrum began, so just to keep the peace and eat my hamburger, I let her have the dressing. I'm sure this had nothing to do with the 2 glasses of wine I had and the fact that there was no one else in the club.

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