Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy St. Joseph's Feast Day!

As the Irish celebrate St. Pat's on 3/17, the Italians celebrate St. Joe on 3/19. The color of the day is red and special foods, (I'll never cook them, yuck), are prepared in traditional Italian homes.

The best part is dessert, special dispensation is grated for the feast day and the pastries are amazing. There are two varieties, the Sicilian is a light fried hollow dough cut in half and stuffed with either vanilla or chocolate canoli cream and the Neapolitan is a pastry filled with either chocolate or vanilla pudding. If you have access to them, enjoy one for me!!!

1 comment:

One Maid A' Milking said...

Does this feast day also include the tradition of all little Josephs waking up to start their day at 4AM????

Maybe the pastries would have made it okay...