Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Day...

Today has just been one of those difficult days. It was pitch black when we all got up this morning and I think that set the tone for the day. I did my usual Monday carpooling and today's workout of the day was a 5K...I didn't run the whole thing, it's hard to push that jogger stroller and jog! I need my arms for power! (I know, it's all psychological...whatever!)

While Paul is away, I seem to take on projects. One of them being, should I move or stay in the rental house we are in. Our lease is up this summer. The current home is nice, manicured, the neighbors are wonderful, the landlords are nice, but...the two children on our street that have nothing to do with our kids, are moving, and the house backs up to the golf course. Yes, it's a pretty view, but not very child friendly. (Did I ever mention that I have FOUR kids?) We are a bit crammed into this house, the layout just doesn't suit me. I feel like I spend all of my time in the kitchen and family room which seems separate from the rest of the house. I only go upstairs to get a baby, clean and put laundry away. Our bedroom is off of the kitchen, downstairs and on the opposite side of the house. Great if you have big kids, not great if you have little ones.

Anyway, there are now several other rentals in the neighborhood and I was looking into one of them over the weekend. Lo and behold, a dentist snatched it up from under me by a matter of hours! (Just my luck). My husband has left the decision up to me, financially and otherwise. I would have to pack, and take care of most everything by myself. The military will not pay for this move as it has nothing to do with orders. I might have to find some desperate college students to load and unload the truck.

Oh well, it's just something to think about for now...tomorrow's another day.

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