Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Wild Frontier...

The other day I decided that EVERYTHING needed to be cleaned, so for the first time ever, I set out to clean...the garage. It was an obstacle course of scooters, bikes, strollers, recycle bins, skateboards, baseball equipment,and a battery operated vehicle that takes up almost an entire parking space. You name it, I have it in the garage.

After emptying everything out, I looked around and saw nothing but dirt and leaves and gravel, which by the way, kept winding up in my house! So, leaf blower to the rescue! I have never used this piece of equipment before, the garage is totally my husbands domain. Well, I plugged it in, turned it on and WOW! Everything was cleared out! I blew away cobwebs, dead bugs caught in the blinds, etc. Even our puppy, Lola, got some dust blown off of her!

One question, do they make one for indoors?

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