Friday, February 27, 2009

My Sincerest Apologies...

We were off to a great day, the weather is beautiful, it was my Friday to drive the carpool, so we were up extra early, organized and OTD (out the door) by 7:30. After dropping off the big kids and Drew at preschool, I headed to the gym for a stimulating workout. I then picked Charlotte up at the daycare in the Y and we headed out for some errands, it was only 9:15, we'd be finished in time to play, and have snacks before having to pick up Drew at 12:00.

WRONG! While strolling through our very accommodating Walmart in New Bern, my happy daughter developed a puzzled look and then barfed...all over herself, the grocery cart, the floor and a little bit on me. Mind you I am at the point where I no longer take a diaper bag into stores with me, it stays in the car. We had half a cart of groceries, and a few extra items that I was not willing to abandon!

I took her to the ladies room and cleaned her up as best I could, purchased a $5 dress, some antibacterial wipes and germX and fixed her up in the parking lot. We then purchased our items and left.

My deepest apologies to the Walmart staff that cleaned up our mess! You're awesome.

We are only 6 weeks into this crazy deployment, do I dare ask, "What else do you have for me!!"...bring it on!

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