Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bizaar Week...

It's only Wednesday and I feel all discombobulated! I have one child home from school for the week on "winter break" another attending school and he even had to go on President's Day for a make-up snow day! The little guy didn't have school on Pres Day. Dance class was not held on Monday, but yes to basketball and dance today started extra early. My day planner (I don't have one, it's all kept in my head), is about to explode.

To add to this, tomorrow I am teaching a 7:30a.m. Spinning class, for which I am not quite prepared...yet. I'm also in the midst of packing for 5 PLUS a couple of dogs and cleaning...'cause I don't like coming home to disorganization...and I want to be knocked out by pine sol when I open the door! (It just makes me happy.)

The serenity will be when I'm at last at my parents house in NJ and can indulge in a little of Mama Cathi's Italian "soul food" and 1 or 12 St. Joseph's Italian pastries.

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