Saturday, February 14, 2009

Here's to the End of Valentine's 2009!

After much contemplation of what to fix for dinner and complaints and suggestions from four different tastes, I decided to take us to Applebee's for dinner. Why not, right? It's kid friendly, loud, there's something for everyone and most important...they have a bar!

My oldest decided to go to a sleepover, so now we're down to three, even easier! So off we went. Upon arriving, the 17 year old hostess did not ask our smoking preference and we were taken directly to the bar. (My 20 month old must have looked like she needed a was actually a "chocolate crash"!) After all, this is North Carolina and one can still chain-smoke in public places...I smoked years ago and I'm not criticizing the smokers, but leave it outside of restaurants.

So, now we're in the non-smoking section across from a romantic young couple out for a Valentine's dinner...same as me. Two minutes after being seated, my four year old noticed the young gentleman had earring's and long dreadlocks. He let me, as well as the rest of the restaurant know that small piece of information. He just couldn't stop staring at this guy, and saying rather loudly, "that guy has long hair and earrings like a girl", no matter how I tried to distract him. We tried crayons, playing "I Spy" (wrong game to play), transformers, matchbox cars, dinner...nothing worked.

Finally, the couple left...five minutes before we did.

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