Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Week from Hell...

Seriously, the scream below would have felt great if were an actual scream. This past week has left me exhausted and drained. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a pity party. I'm the one that caused most of the exhaustion. I chose to sign them up for activities. I believe they should be involved in something other than studying. So, they get to pick one activity a piece, except for Charlotte...too young.

Abbie is involved in ballet, she's been for many years and is now at the point where the commitment is very time consuming. She'll be performing as the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz at Mumfest 2009, in New Bern next month. The rehearsal schedule is intense and we've been back and forth to the studio almost everyday this week.

Paul is playing soccer and practices are twice a week with a game on the weekend. It just so happened that Parents Night at school was on the same night as one of the practices and it left us going back and forth to school, to the soccer field and home several times in one day...not to mention that Parents Night took twice as long. There was a middle and lower school presentation and I had to make the rounds to all of the teachers for both kids. I admit, I missed a couple of the teachers in the enrichment areas (art, PE, music).

Drew will also start soccer practice this week...Lord help us. He has been walking around the house in his shin guards (that go up to his knees) and trying to sneak his cleats on in the house...House Rule #347..."All cleats (baseball, soccer, softball, golf, etc.) go NO further than the garage, even if they are brand new."

I also worked on Friday night and was on the road (watch out, sleep deprived driver) all day Saturday with soccer, dance rehearsal, and a birthday party that ended at 10 PM...ugh, teens!

So, the one thing I did neglect last week was me. I'm fighting a cold, (I think I'm winning), and I had to sacrifice the one thing that I recently started doing for myself...taking a beginning pottery class. (It was on the same night as soccer practice and that pesky Parents Night. I have to say, concentrating on nothing but a hunk of mud that spins on a wheel is amazing! I recommend it to anyone that has the opportunity. Hopefully I'll make it to class this week.

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