Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Day Is Ending Like it Began... it tomorrow yet? I found out today that I was supposed to have some "re-orientation" (isn't that an oxymoron?), completed by TODAY for work at the local hospital. My manager said it would be fine for me to come in, it would just take a short time online. I was also informed that I needed a PPD...(TB test). No prob, right? WRONG! As I was on my way into the hospital, I called employee health to see if I could stop in for said PPD. I got some uptight, crabby, biiaaatch of a "nurse" on a power trip that refused to stick me! She couldn't give me any other reason except to say "We only do PPDs on Fridays". This is the kicker...I can only access my online "re-orientation" after, and only after, I have had my PPD. Did I mention that today is/was the deadline?! So, a quick call to my manager...who is now also a bit miffed at the employee health worker and an even quicker turn around to head back home to the chaos of Prime Factors, Disney Princesses, and Auschwitz, (my oldest daughter is studying the Holocaust).

I've just now finished cleaning up dinner, there's two more loads of laundry to fold and I still need a shower...sigh.

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