Tuesday, September 29, 2009

As the Wheel Turns...Pottery Class

I think I mentioned previously that I have been taking a pottery class. Tomorrow is the last one of the session...glazing. I really enjoyed it...I have even been contemplating how I could put a pottery wheel in my living room and multi-task it as an end table with a foot pedal Lazy Susan. Since that won't fly with the soon to be returning Marine, even with me in nothing but faded overalls and the Righteous Brothers piped through the house. (Unless I could figure out a way for it simultaneously spew out Yankee stats and a cold beer). I signed up for a second class starting mid-October.

Yes, it is another "beginners class" and no, I don't think of it as being "left back", even if it was the instructor's "suggestion". Hopefully I'll come out of the next class with more than a couple of lopsided bowls and a wonky milk pitcher.

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