Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shopping Spree???

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go shopping at Tyson's Corner, in Northern Virginia, with my oldest daughter, Abbie. I had a gift card for Nordstom and I was on a purchase a pair of good quality jeans. I thought this was going to be an easy task. The last pair I bought took 5 minutes,a pair of Lucky favorites. This time, not so easy. I wanted a pair of Seven for all Mankind or Citizens of Humanity or Hudson's. I asked the sales associate for assistance and started trying on...and on and on and on. European sizing is intimidating, skinny jeans are for the prepubescent, and "mom jeans" are for no one...more on that later. Mind you, I was in the Juniors Department...where I never venture, as I'm not really a junior, proved this trip!

After trying on 25 pairs of different style and different cut jeans, and feeling like a total looser, trying to cling to a little youth, the sales girl brought me a pair of jeans made to fit "curvy girls"...Joe Jeans, "Booty Cut", for women with, well...a booty. (It's taken me 36 years to appreciate my Italian inherited Assets).

Finally, a jean I could take home. I had the entire department, including patrons, giving opinions. I didn't trust the sales girls, they work on commission. Now, the only thing I needed was a hem. Alterations are free with purchase however, the jeans wouldn't be ready until next week. After I explained my situation of how I lived in North Carolina and there wasn't a Nordstrom near me and I couldn't return, the seamstress somehow found it in her heart to fix them right then. "Come back in an hour." So Abbie and I enjoyed lunch and a little window shopping and returned. They were perfect, I took them home and I love them, I think.

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