Friday, April 3, 2009

Gender Neutral...

Today while grocery shopping, Drew asked if our dog "Lola" was a boy or a girl...I told him she is a girl. He then asked me about his sister, Charlotte, which I responded, "Your sister is a girl too." With my curiosity peaked, I thought I'd ask the inevitable question..." Drew, What is mommy?", to which there was dead silence, followed by an idunno.

Mind you, I am one of the most girly girls I know! I love to dress up, wear very high heels, don make-up, I expect doors to be opened for me and I'm easily offended by manly sounds and smells. Why was there silence??? Of course I set him straight.

I'm also remembering that today I had to shower at the gym, I forgot my hairdryer so I had to use the "hairdryer" mounted on the wall and today I'm wearing Paul's running I can see the confusion in hind sight.

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