Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mother Nature's Sense of Humor...

For weeks my oldest daughter has been rehearsing and practicing to dance as the Tin Man in her ballet company's production of The Wizard of Oz for Mumfest. An annual weekend long, glorified street fair in downtown New Bern. Today was the only scheduled performance. Make-up was applied, hair was in place, props were moved to the venue, a special dance floor was put down to dance upon. The music was cued and the Heavens...opened up. They delayed a little bit and when it seemed to have stopped raining, towels were brought out to dry the floor and a leaf blower helped. Miss Laura decided it was too dangerous to dance on Pointe, so ballet slippers were now the footwear of choice and the dancers would modify their dances. Once again the heavens opened up just as the first song began to play...and steadily became heavier with every passing note and step. After the second dancer nearly fell, it was decided that it was not suitable to perform and the show was cancelled.

...and of course this was one of those days when you look at the umbrella in the garage and say, "ah, I won't need it." ...and you also park 1/2 mile away from the dance venue, thinking the entire time, maybe I should have tried to park closer in case it rains...and you also think to yourself, as you're letting your 2 small children down a LARGE lemonade and noticing that the cup is now empty, I wonder if there are any bathrooms around? You betcha.

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