Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back to Normal?

I mean, are we? Life seems like it's going in that direction. Paul has been home for a little over a week now. He had to go to work everyday last week, then like all the other Marines that returned, he had a "96"...a 4 day weekend. How did we spend that time? Aren't you just a little curious???

We went to 2 soccer games on Saturday, ran a bunch of errands after that, I cooked...a huge dinner, we had our neighbors over for dessert. Oh, did I mention it was my birthday and I did receive a lovely gift, which I'll "post" about at a later date.

On Sunday, I worked the dayshift, came home to football on TV and kids trying to get ready for school the next day...when I finally sat down to enjoy my regular scoop of cookie dough and glass of wine, someone else also took a scoop of dough!!!! I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I don't like sharing this little indulgence.

Monday and Tuesday prooved to be 2 more days of running errands, taking 2 cars in for service and house cleaning with a touch of laundry.

I guess things are back to normal...

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