Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Busy Weekend...Does It Ever Stop?

Although we are going to be busy, it's a good kind of busy for the most part. I have a million errands this morning, proven by the fact that I'm sitting here blogging. (I'm the worst procrastinator). There is the Crossfit workout of the day...a.k.a. the W.O.D. that I'm dreading, 120 pull-ups and 120 triceps dips, and this is supposed to be the substitution for the actual workout of 30 muscle-ups...ugh!

The best thing about today is I have to pick up Paul from a week of camp! I hope he had a great time, it was his first experience at a sleep-away camp.

I'm working tonight...always a joy! Then tomorrow we are packing and getting ready for a week on the road. First to Virginia, then on to New Jersey for a family visit. The kids are excited to see their grandparents and cousins, and I'm excited for some of my mother's cooking! YES! On the way back home we are hoping to visit some old friends and Bush Gardens in Williamsburg.

When we return, we'll have about 10 days before school starts and the regular "rat race" begins...again.

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