Saturday, May 23, 2009


In an earlier post, I had mentioned the YMCA was saying "thanks" (via Military Once Source)to the military by offering free memberships to dependents of those who serve their country. I WAS WRONG. They are only offering these special memberships to reservists??? WTF...

I'm not sure I understand why they are ONLY offering this to reservists. Active duty military families endure just as many, if not more hardships with multiple deployments, moving, etc. Yes we are usually close to military installations where we can access a gym or a pool, but the pool is not working at Cherry Point, and there is no in-house childcare at these facilities built primarily for marines...not their dependents.

I have to say, I'm extremely disappointed in Military One Source, first for this stint and also for making the $6,000.00 grant for continuing education difficult to obtain and navigate on their website.

What a great way for Military Once Source to say thanks.

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