Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Opportunity for Military Kids...

This came to me from our Family Readiness Officer.

Subject: Announcing Camp OMK 2009 for Military Youth 8 to 13 years old

12 May 2009

North Carolina Operation: Military Kids (OMK) and Millstone 4-H Camp is
pleased and excited to announce that Camp OMK 2009 will take place 12-17
July 2009. We just received confirmation late today that Camp OMK 2009 has
been fully funded and is free to all participants by a generous donor.
Operation: Military Kids (OMK) understands our military youth are
experiencing difficult times and situations with the deployment of a parent
or parents.

Millstone 4-H Camp will host Camp OMK 2009 and will provide an excellent
camping experience for military youth 8 to 13 years olds (Guard, Reserve and
Active Duty) whose parent(s) are in pre-deployment stage, currently deployed
or in post-deployment stage.

Millstone 4-H Camp is nestled in the tall pines of the Sandhills near
Ellerbe, NC about 30 miles south of Southern Pines. Established in 1939, it
was once a site where granite was quarried by hand to provide grinding
stones for mills located in the piedmont of North and South Carolina. The
center covers 320 acres of undisturbed woodlands and is situated within the
60,000-acre Sandhills Wildlife Management Gamelands.
Near the center of the camp property is a picturesque 17-acre lake where
campers can fish and canoe. Operation: Military Kids (OMK) understands our
military youth are experiencing difficult times and situations with the
deployment of a parent or parents. Camp OMK is free to all participants
thanks to a generous donor.

Camp OMK, operated by and at North Carolina 4-H Centers, will focus on
building coping skills and creating positive outlets for the intense
emotions these children now live with daily. Critical to this experience is
the camaraderie built among the campers as they meet other youth from across
the state who are going through similar situations, but equally important is
the opportunity to enjoy carefree camping experiences with their peers.
While at camp, these children will have fun, laugh, learn and just enjoy
being kids.

North Carolina's 4-H Centers are fully accredited through the American Camp
Association (ACA) and employ extensively trained summer staff members to
insure a quality camping experience.

Information about Camp OMK 2009 and the registration form are available at
the following web locations: under the heading Military Programs, under the North Carolina Section

Completed registration forms must be received to the North Carolina 4-H
Youth Development Office by 5 PM on Wednesday, 17 June 2009.
Notification will soon follow to those selected to attend Camp OMK 2009.
Priority is given to military children with a parent deployed or deploying
anytime between May 2008 and November 2009. Once selected, a packet of
information will be mailed to you with additional forms to complete, times
of arrival and departure, items to pack, directions, and etc.

Please share with your contacts and partnerships. If you know if any
military families who would greatly benefit from this wonderful opportunity,
please share. This camp could not have been possible for these military
youth if not for the generosity of this donor.

Thank you for all that each of you do in supporting our military families
here in North Carolina!

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