Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can I Collapse Yet???

Yes, only 21 days until Paul arrives home for 2 weeks of "R&R". I'm thrilled, but I needed him today. I'm spread a little thin, to say the least.

I headed to the gym at 8:00 for my daily dose of therapy, I mean workout...then a colleague of mine at the YMCA asked if I could teach her "circuit workout" class, so I did...for a second hour long workout. I then headed to the dentist, with 2 of the 4 in tow. (Thank God they have Lego's and books in the waiting room). We then headed home for lunch and I put Charlotte for a nap. Drew headed next door to play with his buddies. I thought for a split second, ooh finally some "me" time...I was wrong. I wound up taking the fastest shower on record, slapped on some moisturizer, before I realized that Drew had a birthday party to attend at 5:00! I still had to buy a gift!

So I woke up Charlotte and we headed to the store before we picked up Abbie and the carpool crew this afternoon. After we arrived home, Abbie and I proceeded to bake 6 dozen cookies for tomorrow's award ceremony at school and 2 dozen cupcakes for the Safety Patrol party for Paul. I left Abbie in charge of frosting and I promptly left to drop Drew at said party, returned to literally throw down dinner before going to Paul's swim practice, followed by picking up Drew at party, returned home again, so Drew and Paul could change into pj's and baseball uniform. Left Drew in Abbie's care so Paul and I could head out once again to the game. We just got home.

"Are we there yet?"

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